Results: 2012

World Wide Wrestling League: Live In Elgin
22 September 2012
Elgin Town Hall, Elgin, Scotland

Euan G Mackie defeated Luke Windsor by Pinfall

Nathan Black defeated Livewire by Pinfall

W3L Heavyweight Championship Match:
Mike Musso (Champion) defeated ‘The Bulgarian Baker’ Bozidar Branimir by Disqualification

Taylor Bryden defeated CJ Hunter by Pinfall

Euan G Mackie, Livewire & (W3l Heavyweight Champion) Mike Musso defeated ‘The Bulgarian Baker’ Bozidar Branimir, Luke Windsor & Nathan Black by Pinfall

Scottish Wrestling Entertainment: Hell For Lycra IX
25 August 2012
Dewers Centre, Perth, Scotland

SWE Future Division Championship (5-Man Ladder) Match:
Johnny Lions (Champion) defeated Damien, Euan G Mackie, Magico & Glen Dunbar

Titan (w/ Darren T Goss) defeated Bryan Tucker by Pinfall

Chavo Guerrero defeated Martyn Stallyon by Pinfall

Nikki Storm defeated Princess Sammii by Pinfall

SWE Heavyweight Championship Match:
Bravehart (w/ Roddy Piper) defeated Tatanka (w/ Ted Dibiase) by Pinfall

SWE Tag Team Championship (Fatal-4-Way, Steel Cage) Match:
The Weekend Warriors (Ian Ambrose & Sam Ross) defeated The Syndicate (Chaz Phoenix & Steven Magners), The Megapals (Mr News & Randy Valentine) and Project Revolution (Kevin Williams & Luke Xavier) by Escaping The Cage*
* Following a controversial finish where both Chaz Phoenix & Sam Ross appeared to escape at the same time, ‘SWE Commissioner’ later declared The Syndicate had won the match

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